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Jennifer Bogart, SFG I, NCCPT

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Jennifer Bogart, SFG I, NCCPT  has always had a passion for helping people. She carries a bachelors and masters in clinical psychology focused on counseling the chronically ill. Jennifer has been using Russian kettlebells for over four years now. She was introduced to them shortly after being diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. At the time, she did not have the strength to pick up her three month old daughter. She was also trying to care for her seven year old chronically ill son. Her goal was to get strong enough to be able to carry her son when he needed it. She not only achieved her goal but fell in love with using kettlebells to train. She is now a certified instructor through StrongFirst. Her goals these days are to help others mentally and physically achieve their goals as well as continue to strengthen herself. Today she can be found toting a three year old on her left hip and a 10 year old on her right one usually within eyesight of a Kettlebell.