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Dr. Steven E. Bennett, DOM

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Dr. Steven E. Bennett, DOM is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of New Mexico. Dr. Bennett received his Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. For over a decade he has provided pain relief and constitutional treatments in Albuquerque NM to patients with a variety of health issues, injuries and chronic pain. Dr. Bennett is a Chinese pulse diagnostic master. In most cases he can tell you what your ailments are without you telling him a thing. He has even saved lives by being able to detect heart attacks before they happen. He is dedicated to improving your health and overall sense of well being. Often patients come in complaining of pain, and find that Dr. Bennett not only relieves the pain, but many other complaints they never thought could be corrected. This is because Dr. Bennett can diagnose and treat root issues and uses a multifaceted approach: acupuncture, microcurrent, herbs, ionization, massage, cupping, diet and lifestyle counseling are all integrated into each treatment to provide you with the best effective results.