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Martin Herrera

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Martin Herrera explains why it would enhance your life to train with a trainer.

First you must clear your thoughts of negative visions of what you perceived fitness training to be and ask yourself  if it would benefit you to get your mind, body and spirit more fit for all the things life holds for you going forward. The good things and the maybe the things we perceive as negative. First it helps your body's immune system because part of fitness is leaning into what you put into your body to make it healthier. Now I'm not proposing going from steak to carrots, so don't panic. It is a gradual event much like the changes that will happen in your body. As the changes happen and even a little healthier choices in food happen your mind will follow. It comes from an old saying "Take the body and the mind will follow ". I use various methods from body weight training to suspension training, kettle bells and I mix up some boxing and kickboxing in as well as traditional weight training. There also many other options that we can use for training so it will be like a child coming in to play with a new toy, the excitement , the desire to return will happen. I make it fun because I believe and have seen the results of when it is fun you will come back and in coming back you will creat consistency and in the consistency you will get results. I have been in this business as a trainer almost 10 years. My background in fitness goes back further but I didn't start doing anything until I was in my 30's. I tell you this so you will know that it is never to late to start to improve your life, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally or all of the above. I look forward to our meeting as we help each other move forward. Thank you!

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