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Mary F. Baca, MA, CWK, LPCC

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Mary F. Baca, MA, CWK, LPCC received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico in 1986. Her focus of study at the University was in Psychology and Criminology.   Mary has dedicated herself to helping people through her profession for the last 30 years. She started her first business, Odyssey Counseling Services in 1990. She started a second business, Resilience Integrative Services in 2011.  Both businesses are thriving today and continuously developing and growing.

 In addition to maintaining (2) companies in combination for the last 23 years Mary has also worked for independent employers.  She has conducted child abuse investigations for the State of NM, been the full-time Employee Assistance Counselor for the United States Postal Service, been a Milieu Director for Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center, and Program Director for the NM Teen Parent Residential Program.  These positions are just to name a few and have contributed to Mary's expertise in various areas including Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Workplace and Organizational Dynamics, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Sexual Abuse.  Mary is certified in the method EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and uses EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Modification, and Kinesiology in her everyday practice to treat a variety of problem areas including trauma, phobias, anxiety, anger management, and grief amongst others. Mary has provided counseling and critical incident stress debriefing to Firefighters, Police Officers, and other Emergency Workers for the last 13 years. She provides workplace trainings and assists employers with providing customizable health and wellness programs.

With a variety of "tools" in her toolbox, Mary treats individuals ranging in age from 10 years old on up. She sees therapy as a helpful process that focuses on different aspects of the psyche but integrates parts of the "whole" person thus helping her clients reach a level of better health and wellness.  Through the use of various treatment modalities Mary is able to assist her clients with clearing negative emotions, negative beliefs, and painful events. Her newest endeavor(s) include completing her certification as a Wholistic Kinesiologist in June, 2013 and having developed a cutting edge Employee Assistance Program that incorporates a complete wholistic Team of Professionals. Mary's focus is to take a wholistic approach to Total Health & Wellness in order to help people reach their ultimate potential physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


  • BA, Psychology; BA, Criminology – University of New Mexico
  • MA, Counseling – Webster University


  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


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